H-FSWC | Horizontal FSW Series

H-FSWC | Horizontal FSW SERIES

Innovative FSW machine solution for constrained accessibility
Driven through innovative FSW welding solutions, Stirtec machines in the horizontal build design are taking the lead for welding in constrained areas. The FSW units within the H-series are conceived as 4-axis welding machines with integrated B-axis and built-in pallet change system with the possibility to weld on limited accessibility. Including the inline process monitoring software STIRlytics®, process forces and real-life data collecting are combined into a quality report, which ensures full traceability throughout the FSW welding process. With the possibility of envelope curve setting for the FSW process, all requirements for the WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) according ISO standard 25239:2020 are met. The installed machine control system from Siemens makes integration into the automation system easy to handle.
H-FSWC630For part dimensions up to L 500 x W 500mm
FSW force control system 
STIRlytics process monitoring software for data monitoring
Horizontal part orientation
Full protection and  

Overview of the horizontal FSW series


  • Application for welding: HV inverter, heat exchanger and structural parts
  • FSW machinery with excellent system availability to weld in horizontal position
Download DatasheetH-FSWC630
The Stirtec H-FSWC630 combines state-of-the-art Friction Stir Welding technology with outstanding technological and economic productivity. Obtaining large quantities within serial production, multiple parts are mounted onto the designated clamping device and prepared for welding. Due to the additional pallet system outside of the machining area, parts are loaded simultaneously to the welding cycle to reduce handling times to the interchange of the pallets. The robust and stiff machine design of the Stirtec H-FSWC630 allows the welding in horizontal spindle direction following the welding path with high accuracy. The machine system is designed for integrated milling functionality in a single production center (Stirtec 2-in-1 concept). Potential post-machining processes for milling can be easily realized within this production center due to the vertical clamping position of the applications.

Machine characteristics of Stirtec H-FSWC630

  • application size up to L 600mm x W 600mm
  • use of Sinumerik 840D sl / One machine control system
  • STIRlytics process software for 100% traceability
  • FSW force measuring system in X-, Y- and Z-direction
  • highest repeatability and accuracy due to rigid machine frame
  • suitable for all aluminum alloys and die casting components
  • automatic tool change system for 56 tool pockets
  • FSW spindle for welding forces up to 15kN, speed: 5.000rpm
  • Heidenhain absolute linear encoder leads to direct machine feedback
  • preparation for high TCS cleanliness requirements
  • upgradable milling functionality in a single machining center
  • full protection and CE-conformity
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Applications for the horizontal FSW Series



The cooling circuits of battery trays, stator housings, and inverter housings in electric vehicles are sealed watertight using Stirtec's FSW machines. Stirtec's FSW machines are excellently suited for manufacturing battery trays due to their high welding quality. 
HV Inverter Housings
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