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Joining for Hydrogen
Friction Stir Welding is increasingly being used in energy technology for pipes and pipelines made of high-strength steel. The resistance to hydrogen and sour gases is crucial, especially in industries such as the oil and gas sector. Market launch/feasibility using the patented Stirtec technology for Friction Stir Welding of pipeline steels has already started.
Energy Transmission FSW
API Spec 5L steel grade X80 (S555) | Welding speed: > 200 mm/min | Welding depth: 15mm 

Bimetallic Pipes

To save material costs, bimetallic pipes with a stainless-steel layer are increasingly utilized. To facilitate welding or bolting on-site, stainless steel rings or flanges can be welded to these bimetallic pipes using a FSW concept protected by Stirtec's patent. 

Heat exchange made of copper

The application of FSW to copper heat exchangers demonstrates its versatility in providing reliable and efficient solutions for joining materials with excellent thermal conductivity, such as copper. 

Nuclear Waste

To package spent nuclear fuel rods for long-term storage, nuclear waste containers in Sweden and Finland are sealed using the Friction Stir Welding (FSW) process with 50 mm thick copper. In the United States, boron-containing aluminum composite materials are utilized to manufacture these containers through the FSW method. 
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