The FSW-Technology-Workshop offers the ideal access into the world of FSW. It communicates the fundamentals of FSW, its range of application possibilities as well as the processes required for the implementation of FSW in a company. Read more

Contract R&D

The innovative FSW-technology provides our customers a multitude of product innovations. On the basis of our scientific know-how, we offer development services for specific product and process questions, such as feasibility studies, fabrication process analyses or tool development for all weldable materials and material combinations.

Prototyping & Manufacturing

We offer prototyping as an additional module in combination with Contract R&D, extending from functional models to pilot or pre-series production. Our customers benefit from our experience enabling highest quality and primarily shortest cycle times.

The FSW manufacturing service is ideal for small and medium batch sizes. This includes the development of the FSW application including tools, the required clamping technology and the preparation of the FSW machine tool used and the implementation of the FSW welding.

Customer Service & Support

Comprehensive service portfolio for maximum availability of all systems. High availability of the systems and short response times in the event of service are decisive factors for successfully operating FSW systems in series production.
We are committed to your success and that doesn’t end with the purchase of a Stirtec system. To provide you with the best possible support in every situation, no matter when and where you need our help, our Stirtec service team is at your side with advice and action.

WPS – Welding Procedure Specification

The creation of application-specific WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) is generally the responsibility of companies, that bring welded components to the market. Our service includes the support for the creation of specification-compliant WPS’s for FSW-applications.

 Qualification & Training according to ISO Standard

FSW is a welding process which is subject to internationally applicable standards and qualification and/or certification procedures. This service package offers our customers competent support and consultation with the objective of obtaining these certifications.


Based on many years of experience and knowledge gained from a large number of FSW-applications, we develop and fabricate high-quality machine tools through to fully automated and interlinked production lines which are optimally customized to the respective requirements. In all systems, high process-functionality, high system availability as well as productivity are significant development factors.

Turnkey Solutions

Automated production cells from a single source: The combination of FSW systems with clamping devices, automation and peripherals stands for our turnkey systems, that our team develops together with you exactly to your needs.

With more than 10 years of know-how as a technology and system partner, we offer a comprehensive turnkey packages and support you from the product idea to series production.

Your added value of a Stirtec turnkey solution:

  • Seamless integration of the new equipment into your production process
  • Know-how transfer
  • Constant quality through a qualified FSW process
  • No costly trials until new systems run optimally

You don’t want to leave anything to chance? We will rebuild the systems we have tested and approved 1: 1 and put them into operation on your site. Your production starts optimally with our turnkey systems.

Turnkey solution includes as needed

  • FSW-equipment
  • Fixtures
  • Automation
  • FSW process
  • thorough introduction of operator personnel
  • Support in the first production phase (Ramp-Up support)
  • Customer service & Support




MaXstir tool range

As a single-source supplier of FSW technology, Stirtec also offers high-quality tools. Our innovative MaXstir tool range is based on many man-years of research and development in the areas of process and materials technology.

All of the MaXstir tools are characterized by high functionality, process reliability and exceptional wear resistance which results in a long service life. Moreover, our tools also enable comparatively higher welding speeds for the respective application areas.

A broad range of material combinations can be welded using MaXstir tools, such as aluminium/aluminium (including high-strength alloys) or different metals, such as aluminium with steel, copper, magnesium or titanium.