V-RSW30 (Refill)

The V-RSW30 machine from Stirtec raises the standard of technology in the field of Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding (RFSSW) to a new ground-breaking level.

There is no need for apparent consumables to create a deflected tight connection (gas and water) in the area of ​​the spots. The machine series allows the connection of contacts to materials such as in the area of ​​aluminium (Al 7xxx, 6xxx, 5xxx, 3xxxx, 2xxxx).

The V-RSW30 machine can be controlled via 3 axes. The from Stirtec specially developed RFSSW spindle (speed-range of up to 6000 rpm ) is used via another W-axis, which is used to control the pin.

Thanks to the freely controllable machine tables paired with the correct repeat accuracy of the V-RSW30, the weld spots can be optimally placed. Balanced with the closing closed-loop measuring and control system from Stirtec, this machine series confirms the best spot weld results with 100% traceability of every common spot weld. In connection with the Stirtec QC software, the V-RSW30 sets new standards in the field of spot welding and the cycle times are kept to a minimum.

You can find more about RFSSW technology HERE.


  • Especially suited for Aluminum joining: Al 7XXX, 6XXX, 5XXX, 3XXX, 2XXX
  • Specially developed RFSSW-spindle
  • RFSSW process quality monitoring system incl. process data collection and monitoring (100% traceability)
  • Table size: 760 x 400 up to 350kg load (nominal)
  • RFSSW torque force up to 30 kN
  • Freely controllable machine table
  • SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D sl control unit
  • Low energy fabrication process (7 kW)
  • Outstanding system availability
  • Very efficient and stable in process