Optionally, the machine can be changed to a hybrid machine, making it a V-WMC2080. This is a unique solution that combines the latest FSW technology with world-class milling capabilities in a single machining center.

The machines of this series are designed as a 3-axis CNC machine in C-frame construction.

Optionally, the machine can be equipped with a FSW quality monitoring system for safe mass production.

Standard equipment

  • Siemens SINUMERIC 840D SL
  • Siemens SINAMICS S120 digital
  • FSW force measuring system X, Y, Z
  • Tool air blast
  • Automatic tool changer 24 tool pocket HSK-A 100
  • Direct feedback – Heidenhain absolute scales
  • Interface – preparation for Stirtec FSW
  • Full protection guarding of all moving items on the machine
  • All electrical devices comply with CE, or are UL /CSA approved or listed

Upon customer request

  • Through spindle air coolant
  • Coolant system with through-flow filtration 7 MPa JV40 variable (4
    levels), 5 microns
  • Additional wash out system – upper wash
  • Lubricating air mist system AccuLube Minibooster
  • Spin window Visiport
  • 32 / 42 / or 52 tools capacity double arm ATC (chain type)
  • 2x 24 ( 48 ) tools capacity double ATC (on top)
  • Dual set workpiece and tool probe RENISHAW (OMP60+OTS+OMI-2T)
  • Additional interfaces for 4th or 5th axis
  • Interface for remote diagnostic service
  • Machine hibernation mode
  • Motor spindle for FSW and milling 15 000 rpm max. HSK-A 100
  • Flood coolant / telescopic wash-out system
  • Chip conveyer system for steel chips and nonferrous metals’ swarf incl.
    paper filtration


  • Process data acquisition
  • Specially developed very powerful motor spindle
  • FSW force control system
  • FSW process quality monitoring system incl. FSW process data collection and monitoring
  • Ideal for combined high performance: friction stir welding, 3D milling with high-speed cutting technology, turning, drilling, thread cutting