The STIRPOWER series sets new standards in the field of heavy duty FSW machines. With the complex closed-loop measurement and control system, these machines guarantee the best weld results even under the most demanding conditions.

The high contact pressure of up to 150kN opens up new ways for our customers to weld thick sheet metals.

The machines of the STIRPOWER series are designed with 2 or optionally 3 axes, a B-axis with a maximum roation speed of the FSW spindle up to 3000 rpm. They are specially equipped to absorb the enormously high forces of the FSW process to be able to maximize the welding precision in order to deliver excellent welding results.

In addition, the machines are equipped with an FSW quality record, which enables the quality monitoring of the weld seams while the process is running. This results an optimal and stable process display especially for research and development.


  • FSW clamping force up to 150 kN (depending on the model)
  • Spindle with short taper mounting
  • FSW process quality monitoring system incl. FSW process data collection and monitoring
  • Table size: 1000 x 800 up to 200kg load (nominal)
  • SIEMENS SINUMERIK 840D sl control system
  • Ideal for: High-strength Steel, Titanium, Copper, Aluminum, High-strength Aluminum
  • Jog-mode for precise weld control
  • Excellent technological and economic performance
  • Outstanding system availability
  • Very efficient and stable in process