R-SWG (Friction stir spot welding gun)

The Friction Stir Spot Welding Gun R-SWG is a light-weight but powerful machine, which can be mounted on a robot or integrated into a manufacturing center. Combining the latest FSSW-technology with a high-tech force measuring system, the R-SWG offers new possibilites in the field of spot welding. Even different materials like aluminium and steel can be welded together.

Since there is no permanent material pickup on the tool (no alloying), an uninterrupted process becomes feasible. Further, no chemical or mechanical pre-cleaning is necessariy, which reduces the costs of the process drastically.


Weight:                                   ~120           kg
Length:                                     580          mm
Height:                                     1050         mm
Width:                                       160           mm
Loading width max.:               95             mm
Max. force:                               10             kN
Max. tool rpm:                         4500        min¹
Power supply:                         14             kW
Protection class:                     IP 54
Temperature range:               10-40        C°
Noise level:                              <85           dB
Tooling system:                       Weldon D15                                                                                                        DIN1835-1
Quality monitoring:                 optional


  • High process stability
  • Stationary or mounted on a robot
  • No alloying on the tool
  • No pre-cleaning
  • No electrical inclusions
  • Environmental friendly
  • FSSW force- and position-control system
  • FSSW cycle time: 2-3 seconds (material-dependent)
  • Tooling system: DIN 1835-1 Weldon D=15