The abbreviation H-FSWC stands for “horizontal friction stir welding centre”. The new FSW machine series consists of three variants (pallet size 630/800 / 1000mm), with a horizontal spindle, with XYZ travels from 750x700x770mm to 1400x1050x1200mm, as well as an automatic pallet changer and an integrated B-axis for processing the workpieces by 360 fitted. The machine is controlled by a Siemens 840D sl. Like all Stirtec machines, the H-FSWC series also has a specially developed force / displacement control as well as FSW and QS software. The use of
central grease lubrication and the use of high-quality components for the guides, drives and measuring systems ensure high machine availability, productivity and a long service life.
Since the spindle is arranged horizontally unlike conventional FSW machines, the chips automatically fall into a collecting container due to gravity. With the upgrade to an FSW and CNC hybrid machine (H-WMC630) with integrated chip conveyor and cooling emulsion, the components in the region of the joining zone can be machined before and after welding, to produce the required tolerances even with low-cost casting tolerances. The automatic tool change takes place in the chain magazine with up to 246 tool positions.
The two pallets, each measuring 630 × 630mm, can be moved from the loading area into the processing area in less than 10 seconds, even at a maximum load of 800kg per pallet, which can greatly reduce non-productive time.
With up to three hydraulic circuits, pneumatic and electronic connections, which are supplied via a drag chain, complex clamping devices can be easily controlled and monitored. Combined with the rigid machine design and the specific Stirtec FSW MaXstir ™ high performance tools developed for the component, welding speeds of more than 3000mm/min can be achieved on this machine.


  • Particularly high rigidity of the machine
  • Rapid traverse / feed rates of up to 50m / min
  • Tool change time 3.1 sec. (From tool to tool)
  • central grease lubrication
  • Pallet change time 10 sec.